Motogolf FAQ

Does Motogolf Price Match?
We try very hard to ensure that we offer the best prices online.  If you find another online store that offers a lower price then us we will match it.

Our Price Match must follow the rules below:

  • The comparison must be apple to apples, including free accessories offers, etc.
  • Promotions such as rebates and buy one, get one free offers are not eligible
  • The item must be in stock on the competitors website
  • The competitor must be an online store, they may not have a retail location
  • The website can not be a discounter or auction website (ie; eBay, overstock, amazon, etc..)
  • The competitor must be an Authorized Retailer of the product in question
  • The Price Match includes the item price and the shipping charges

Many of our promotions are dictated by each brand or manufacturer for specified periods only.  Often times, the promotions are limited to specific quantities while supplies last.  Unfortunately, we are unable to retroactively discount for items already shipped.  We also incur higher cost of goods sold and do not recoup from manufacturers.  

Can I place an order via phone?
Yes, please call us during normal business hours (Mon - Fri 9 am to 4 pm PST) at (702) 723-8348.

Will I receive confirmation of my order via email?
Yes. You should receive e-mail from with your receipt within 24 hours. If you have not received a confirmation, please contact us by email or phone (702) 723-8348. Once the order ships, you should receive an email with your shipment confirmation.  Please note that most shipments require signature due to the value of the items shipped.

"Accidental" order placements are subject to a 3% credit card transaction fee. You can avoid this fee by applying to another purchase.  Instead of re-ordering, please contact us to switch your order to the desired item(s) under the original order.

Will I receive shipment tracking information?
Yes - for traceable packages (most packages). Tracking information is e-mailed after shipment is confirmed.  Please note that most shipments require signature due to the value of the items shipped.

Is shipping free?
Shipping is free for caddy and accessories orders over $100.  We charge a flat fee shipping for battery select battery orders based on manufacturer.  We currently ship all products to the 48 contiguous U.S.  We also ship some MGI products to Canada.  Please call us to place the MGI orders to Canada (702) 723-8348, M-F (9am-4pm PST).  Please note that most shipments require signature due to the value of the items shipped.

How long will it take to receive my order?
Most items are shipped within 1-3 business days by ground service unless otherwise stated.  Most packages will usually deliver within 5-10 business days, but delays can happen. nor the manufacturer guarantee delivery dates as we have no control over FEDEX/UPS and other carriers.  If customers wish to recall packages without giving carriers time to deliver, S&H fees apply (vary by manufacturer).  Please note that most shipments require signature due to the value of the items shipped.

Will I get confirmation of my order?
Yes. You should receive e-mail confirmation within 24 hours. If you have not received a confirmation, please contact us by email or phone (702) 723-8348.

Which credit cards do you accept?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. Pay Pal is also acceptable payment option.

Do you charge sales tax?
We charge sales tax to Nevada residents and other states depending on the products.  

I can't watch the videos from the website on my iPad?
Please click here for instructions on how to fix this apple device issue

In the rare event something goes wrong with the electric golf trolleys, do we call®?
No. You should deal directly with the manufacturer of the cart. The contact information should be provided under the warranty section of each product on our website.

What do I do if there is a problem with my electric golf trolley?
In majority of the cases the problem can be solved with an easily-installed replacement component that is shipped to you by the manufacturer. In rare cases, the cart is shipped back to the manufacturer for repair or replacement. Please check the specific warranty information on the specific product pages on our website.

What happens when I want to import the trolley to another country?
We do not get involved with exporting documents.  It is the responsibility of the customer to research and handle the exporting process. We ship within the US free of charge on most trolleys. Most manufacturer warranties are also covered in the US and could be voided when exported to other countries.

What is the warranty & return policy on my purchase?
Any warranty covering products sold by® is the warranty provided by the manufacture/distributor of those products. The manufacturer’s warranty information is provided under the warranty section for each product for your convenience.


Any warranty covering products sold by is the warranty provided by the manufacture/distributor of those products. We have provided their warranty information below for your convenience:

Motogolf Return Policy:
No cancellations or returns on special order items or pre-orders once the order has been placed.  For order cancellations prior to shipment, we will need to assess a handling & credit card processing fee of 3% which will be deducted from the refund.

Within 30 days of purchase, if a customer has a change of mind the cart can be returned only providing:

o The cart is completely unused and brand new
o It is in original packaging & new/unused condition
o The owner pays the return freight
o A return authority is obtained first from US distributor/manufacturer through Motogolf
o Original shipping fee + handling fee will be deducted from the refund (approx $120)

Within 30 days of purchase, the owners can return a "used cart." Even if used on driveways, backyard, etc...  this is not considered new any longer and not saleable as new:

o A return authority is obtained first
o It is in the original packaging
o The owner pays the return freight
o Up to 30% restocking fee applies of the full retail price

The cart will be returned to Distributor/Manufacturer's warehouse and inspected by their personnel.  Once we receive the return paperwork along with the condition of unit, we will issue a refund net of fees above.

Why should I use an electric golf caddy vs. a regular push cart of a golf cart?

Electric caddies provide many benefits including better health through exercise, weight loss, better score and better overall golf experience.  There is significant cost savings since many of the golf caddies usually pay themselves within 1-2 years compared to paying $10-20 per round for a riding cart or paying for a caddy.  Electric caddy also give the golfer the feeling of playing like a tour pro playing with a walking caddy which usually improves their game.  By not pushing the golf caddy, it will prevent golfers from straining their backs and causing them to be fatigued after 12-13 holes.

What's the difference between remote and non-remote controlled electric caddy?

Remote caddies can be operated via handheld remote (many with range of up to 100 yards). Manual non-remote caddies are power assisted (with varying speeds) but require the golfer to steer it like a lawn mower.  Some non-remote caddies have a function called "advanced distance feature" or "timed advanced function" which will allow golfers to send the golf caddy for a certain distance (usually up to 60 yards) forward stopping automatically once the desired distance is reached. When operating a non-remote electric caddy, golfers usually need to hold the handle to steer and to avoid the caddy from tipping over backwards (especially going uphill).  Golfers will also need to use common sense like going straight up and straight down hills - going sideways on a hill could tip the caddy over.  Also, it is recommended to avoid going up steep hills unless you can steer the caddy safely with your hand (If you need to be a mountain goat to climb the hill, you will most likely need to hold onto the caddy firmly to avoid tipping over). Majority of non-remote electric caddies do not have an anti-tip wheel because they are designed for the golfer to walk behind it with your hand on the handle for steering. Non-remote caddies have been around for over two decades world-wide and is widely used in Europe.  Golfers in the U.S. tend to like the remote control caddies over the non-remote caddies.

How do I know if an electric golf caddy is too complicated for me or not?

Electric caddies do require some minimal technical understanding and there is a learning period. However, majority of golfers usually master the functionality within 1-2 rounds of golf.  In general, remote control caddies require a longer learning period than the non-remote models. While operating, golfers will need to be mindful of ponds, lakes, trees, cart paths, etc. to avoid damage to the golf caddy. 

Will the golf cart follow me?

There are golf caddies available with the follow feature. Please refer to the category "follow caddies" under shop by category on our main page to check out the caddies with the follow feature.  Follow caddies do require the golfer to switch between the follow mode and remot control mode or power assist mode in between holes. The follow feature is recommended to be used only in the flat part of the course such as the fairways with wide-open space.  In between holes (from green to tee and from tee to the fairway) golfers should use the remote control mode or power assist mode to avoid the caddy from falling off the cart path and/or hitting obstacles. 

What kind of golf bag should I use with the electric caddy?

Electric caddies are designed to be used with the standard cart bags.  Carry bags or stand bags with legs will cause uneven weight distribution and will not do well on electric caddies. Some golf caddy makers also sells golf bags that clicks into the cart for more stability. You can check them out under the category "golf bags" on our main page.

Do the electric golf trolleys come with battery and charger?
Yes. All of our electric golf trolleys include the battery and charger.

How long will the battery last before I need to replace it?
Under normal conditions, your SLA battery should be good for about ~100+ charges.  Lithium batteries are usually good for ~500+ charges.

How should I care for the battery?
The Battery supplied with your carts are one of the most advanced of its kind. However, batteries do have a certain life span even in normal use.

To prolong the life span of the battery, here are some helpful tips...

  • When you unplug the connectors from the main unit or from the charger to the battery, ALWAYS PULL THE CONNECTING PLUG TO UNPLUG. NEVER PULL AT THE CABLE TO UNPLUG. This might break the soldered connections of the wires to the pins inside the plug.
  • Before the first use of the battery, put it on charge for 24 hours even if the battery meter may show it is already charged.
  • For the first 3 outings, you may find your cart to be a little sluggish at the end of the round. This is normal.
  • Always recharge your battery as soon as possible within 24 hours after use.
  • Always keep your battery on charge between rounds of golf.
  • Never play more than 18 holes without fully recharging. You will discharge the battery below its designated voltage and damage it.
  • Do not drop the battery or the charger. Secure the battery in the trunk of your car when in transit.
  • Wipe your battery after each outing to keep it clean. Use a mild detergent and warm water. Do not use any high-pressure jet washer.
  • Remove the wheels every few months to remove debris that may cause the wheels to drag. Clean and lightly grease the spindle before putting the wheels back on.
  • Do not remove the screws on the battery tray. They are sealed with a silicone sealant to prevent water from getting into the controller underneath. If you loosen these screws for any reason, you must re-seal them with a silicon sealant.
  • A four hour round of golf played once a week for 12 months is equivalent to 4 years use of a lawnmower. So once a year, at least, thoroughly inspect your cart. If you notice any symptoms of wear, consult your service agent.
  • STORAGE: If you know that you will not be playing for at least a month or more, and you prefer not to leave your battery in charge, fully charge the battery. Remove it from the charger and store in a place where the ambient temperature is above 10 degrees and lower than 30 degrees celsius. Recharge it before your next round or every 3 months if it has not used.
  • The battery and the charger are unique and cannot be replaced with a regular battery or charger from a retail outlet. Please contact the cart manufacturer’s service agent before you try to replace the battery or the charger. Using an incompatible battery or charger may damage the cart and void your warranty.

I Accidentally drove my caddy into a water hazard, and it does not turn on anymore. What shall I do?


Remove the caddy from the water as soon as possible! Do not attempt to re-power your cart (using the on/off button)! Carefully disconnect the battery and drain all water from the controller box compartment and quick dry the components with a towel. Completely let the controller dry out. If possible remove it entirely from the Caddy and place in a container/bag of rice for 48 to 72 hours. It is possible that it will take several days for your Caddy to dry completely. If a Caddy is powered back on before it is completely dry, remaining moisture can cause short circuits and system failure. Caddys may also not work even after completely drying. 



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