General Trolley FAQs

What service does my trolley require?
The trolley requires no maintenance, simply plug the battery into the charger after your game to recharge and that is it. You may wish to clean the frame with a damp cloth, the wheels easily remove for rinsing off after a wet or muddy day.

How long will a charged battery last?
A fully charged battery will easily last 18 holes, even on courses with the most extreme of gradients.

How long does the battery take to recharge?
Approximately 8 to 10 hours. We recommend you leave the battery connected to the activated charger any time not in use with your Hill Billy this will keep it ready to go at all times.

Is the battery safe?
Yes, the battery terminals are securely insulated, making short circuiting just about impossible. The sealed dry cell construction removes all chances of battery leakage.

Does a Hill Billy leave any tracks?
The wheels (constructed from tough molded thermoplastic) have a rubber tire exterior which provides a very low ground pressure (when coupled with the lightness of the trolley). It leaves a lighter track than your golf shoes.

How do you control a Hill Billy?
The speed control (which also incorporates the on/off switch) is a simple dial conveniently located on the handle. Adjust the speed to suit the terrain and your pace. The Hill Billy can operate "hands free" down an even fairway.

Is there a brake on the Hill Billy?
There is not a "brake" as such on the Hill Billy USA, however when going down a steep hill reverse the trolley and switch off the power. This will give a slight braking affect for control and will do no harm to the trolley.

Should I get a second battery?
We recommend a second battery if you want 27 or 36 holes in a day, or lucky enough to play more than three times a week. A second charger is not necessary. If you have two batteries they should be connected in the same order that they were used, charging each for at least 10 hours.

What if there is a problem with my trolley?
Phone us and we put it right - quickly and efficiently. We can either send you a spare part, complete with fitting instructions (nothing complicated!) or we'll collect the trolley for repair. You'll be back on the fairways in no time at all.

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