The Benefits Of Motorized Caddies For Golfers

Golfing is a truly a wonderful sport; what else could beat stepping out onto the green on a beautiful day, ready to play golf with friends, family, or even by oneself? Not only is the sport of golf a great deal of fun, but it can also be great for one's health. Swinging a club regularly builds upper body strength, and simply being out on the course and walking is good for getting important cardiovascular exercise and staying in shape.

Unfortunately, hauling around a heavy set of golf clubs all day can have the exact opposite effect on one's health; it can be downright detrimental. Carrying a large golf bag during an afternoon of golfing can easily cause undue strain on one's neck, back, and shoulders. Over time, this can result in sore muscles and may even have a negative impact on one's golf game, resulting in poor scores and overall performance.

Using Motorized Caddies on the Course

Fortunately, golfers can still experience all the physical benefits of golfing regularly without having to deal with the stress and strain that can come with carrying golf clubs around all day. And this does not necessarily have to mean hiring a golf caddy to carry one's clubs around the course. Instead, utilizing a motorized golf caddy can be an easy solution to the challenge of hauling clubs around all day. This allows golfers to still be able to enjoy walking freely about the course (thus not having to use a golf cart to get around) without having to carry their own clubs.

Motorized golf caddies come in a variety of designs to suit any golfer's needs. There are many different options to choose from depending on one's specific budget and desires. For example, those who want to make transporting their clubs from hole to hole as easy as possible may benefit from one of the many remote control electric golf trolleys available from A few examples of some of the more popular remote controlled models on the market these days include the MGI Quad Navigator, Bat-Caddy X4R, the Stewart X10 Follow, Stewart Q Follow, MGI Zip Navigator , the Alphard eWheels V2 Booster Club and the FTR Caddytrek CT2000R2 & Caddytrek R3, Powakaddy RX1 GPS and the Motocaddy M7. All of these models are known for their durability, stability, and long range. These remote-controlled models make it easier than ever to transport one's clubs from one hole to the next with the simple push of a button.

Manual Push Golf Caddies

Of course, those who are working with a smaller budget or who would prefer something a little less mechanic can always opt for a manual push golf caddy. These particular models are not motorized and thus do not come with a remote control, but are still great for those who want to be able to take the stress and strain off their backs. These caddies are self-stabilizing and come on durable wheels that can cut through just about any terrain that would be encountered while on the golf course. By pushing one's own caddy, it is possible to get even more exercise but without adding undue strain to one's neck, back, or shoulders. Some of the more common models of manual push golf caddies on the market include the Clicgear Rovic Swivel RV1S, the Bag Boy 3 Wheel Triswivel II, and the Bag Boy Quad XL.  If you already own a manual push golf caddy and want to turn it into a remote control golf caddy, check out the Alphard eWheels V2 Booster Club.

Benefits of Golf Caddies

Whether a remote control or manual golf trolley is chosen, the fact remains that there are many benefits that any golfer can enjoy from owning one of these. Aside from being able to avoid the strain and discomfort that comes with carrying a large golf bag on one's shoulder and back, golfers can also enjoy a greater sense of mobility while on the course. These trolleys give golfers the freedom to walk around without needing a golf cart, thus resulting in better exercise and overall health. Furthermore, studies have shown that golfers who navigate courses through walking as opposed to golf carts are more likely to be more successful.

Any golfer who wants to get the most out of his or her game should look into purchasing a motorized or non-motorized golf caddy in the near future. Owning one can truly transform the way one is able to enjoy an afternoon on the golf course.