Benefits Of The Lithium Battery Golf Caddy

There is a good reason that remote control golf caddies are being seen on golf courses all over the world. Golfers everywhere are beginning to realize how much more enjoyable an afternoon of golfing can be when they use caddies that can carry themselves. One thing golfers who decide to purchase a remote control caddy need to think about is whether or not to purchase a caddy with a lithium battery. Lithium batteries are different than the traditional lead acid type batteries that you see on some golf carts. Some caddies come with the lithium battery standard such as the Bag Boy Navigator Elite, Stewart X7 and FTR Caddytrek CT2000BA. Other caddies have options for lithium batteries such as the Bat Caddy X4R and X3R. Whether you are in the market for a remote control caddy or already own one, you may want to be aware of the benefits of lithium batteries for golf caddies.


One of the biggest benefits of having a remote control caddy is that you do not have to work too hard to carry it around the greens all afternoon. If your remote control caddy is super heavy, that can be counterproductive. Traditional lead acid batteries weigh around a whooping 25 pounds. While you may not have to lug it around all afternoon, you will need to pick it up out of your vehicle and put it back in at the end of the day. Lithium batteries are only 2-11 pounds. If you have been using a traditional lead acid battery, you will notice the difference after one day of golf. That is a dramatic difference that your back and knees will be grateful for.

Last Longer

Batteries are not made to last forever. After a certain number of charges, you battery will be ready to retire. How many charges that will be depends on the type of battery you use. Traditional lead acid batteries were only made to endure 150-250 charges. This usually adds up to a few years for the average golfer who goes golfing less than once a week on average. Lithium batteries, on the other hand, can stand quite a few more charges in its lifetime. Lithium batteries can typically take around 500 charges before they need to be replaced. For an average golfer, it may not need to be replaced for another 10 years or more.

Quicker Charge

Golfers who use their motorized caddies often know the importance of daily battery charging. Charging is often a pain for some golfers. Unless you keep your caddy plugged in at all times, you may end up scrambling a few hours before tee time to get your caddy ready. You might find yourself waiting for your caddy to charge before you hit the golf course. If you are in this predicament often, you should consider a lithium battery. Lithium batteries charge much quicker than their traditional lead acid cousins.


Although traditional lead acid batteries cost less than lithium batteries, the lifetime price difference is much closer. With a lead acid battery, it will last for a few years, depending on the amount of times you play per year. When the traditional lead acid battery needs to be replaced, it will cost you about $100 to replace it. However, if you have a caddy that uses lithium batteries, you will not change out your battery for 500 charge cycles. If you compare that to the 150-250 charges a traditional lead acid battery can take, the lithium battery is the best choice, hands down.

A remote control golf caddy is a great investment for golfers of all skill levels. Likewise, when that caddy is paired with a lithium battery, it can take even more hassle out of the great game of golf. Try out a lithium battery today and see the difference for yourself.  Click here to check out the universal 12 V 24 Ah lithium battery retrofit kit.