Benefits Of A Remote Control Golf Caddy

Playing golf is a wonderful way to enjoy the outdoors. The game of golf can be an easy-going outing with friends, a time to relieve stress, or a serious event that tests focus, skills, and promotes competition. No matter your reason for playing golf, it is a pastime that is enjoyed by all who can properly swing a club.

Walking the course allows golfers the opportunity to enjoy learning all of the dips and divots that can occur in an 18-hole course. While walking the golf course is a good form of exercise and a typically enjoyable experience, very few people enjoy carting around their golf bags. Carrying a golf bag filled with clubs, balls, and other equipment can unnecessarily drain a golfer's strength. But what if there was a better way? What if golfers could enjoy walking on their own two feet without having to carry their clubs or hire a caddie? Remote control electric golf trolleys are changing the industry one golf course at a time.

Remote control electric golf caddie trolleys are a welcome relief from carrying golf clubs around the 5 mile course. Carrying a weighty bag of clubs can strain back and shoulder muscles, as well as detract from the pleasure of playing golf. The additional muscle exertion, caused from carrying heavy clubs, can also detract from a player's swing. Did you know that a remote control golf caddy is even more beneficial to your game of golf than using a non-powered pull cart? Pull carts place a strain on the forearm muscles, which can negatively affect your ability to make a delicate putt or a green-driving swing.

Additional Benefits of the Remote Control Electric Golf Caddie Trolley

  • Bring your clubs to the play area on any course.
  • Save money and never rent a motorized golf cart again.
  • Maintain golfing privacy (no need for the eavesdropping caddy).
  • Reduce muscle strain.
  • Enjoy the freedom of walking the course at a leisurely pace.

If you are thinking of purchasing a remote control electric golf caddie trolley, then there are a few brands to consider: Bat Caddy, FTR CaddyTrek, MGI, Stewart, and Motocaddy. The latter brands all create top of the line electric golf caddies at an affordable cost. We have compiled a comparison list of the best selling remote control golf caddies to help you choose the solution that is best for your golfing needs.

  1. MGI Zip Navigator:
    This model was introduced in January of 2018 in the U.S., however, the company has been selling outside of the U.S. for a long time and has been in business for over 26 years. The remote control caddy is light-weight (28.6 lbs) and features the patented Gyroscope Technology which keeps the caddie tracking straight even if it hits a divot going down the fairway.  The 24V 380Wh Lithium Battery clicks into the cart and the anti-tip wheel is built in to the cart as well as the GPS holder.  Compared to the AT (All Terrain Model), the Zip Navigator is lighter by ~3-4 lbs and is less bulkier so you can take it in and out of the car easier.  In Australia, the Zip Navigator outsells the AT model by a large margin. This caddie has become's #1 selling remote model in less than two years.
    Key Advantages: Patented Gyroscope Technology, Light-weight frame, Strong Lithium Battery which lasts up to 36 Holes, 2 Year Warranty

  2. Alligator 100% WaterProof Golf Caddy:
    15,000 customers can’t be wrong. You have options – why not choose The World’s #1 Selling 100% WATERPROOF Remote-Control Golf Caddie?  Don’t let RAIN, SAND or SALT ruin your investment – buy the one and only Patented ALLIGATOR.  This Electric Golf Caddies is built to last – and they back it up with the Industry-Leading 2-Year Warranty.  Designed for the rugged and beautiful courses in Australia, the ALLIGATOR comes standard with Front and Rear Suspension Systems that baby your clubs, Stabilizer Wheel for Sure Cross-Hill Climbing and Decent, Downhill Speed Control Protection, Twin Time-Proven Powerful Wisper Motors, All Metal Gearing That Doesn’t Wear Like Plastic, Always-With-You Speed Control, Full Color LCD Display w/Battery Meter, Best 36-Hole Battery Life, 100% WATERPROOF Pocket-Friendly Remote, High-Tech Grey and Lightweight For All Golfers, Easy Folding and Always Trunk Read.  Includes Drink and Umbrella Holder.
    Key Advantages: 100% Waterproof, Very Durable, Front Wheel Suspension, Strong Lithium Battery that lasts up to 36 Holes, 2 Year Warranty

  3. Bat Caddy X8R:
    This model was introduced by Bat Caddy in 2015 and it is their flag ship product.  X8R is their most innovative and unique remote controleed caddy.  It features a lightweight high tech aluminum frame weighing in at only 22 lbs.  It has an easy one step folding design, folding into a package that is smaller than most regular push carts. It is propelled by two powerful independently controlled quiet 200W motors, a wide range FCC authorized remote control system which give you full control up to 90-120 yards. It comes with the powerful ong-lasting, very light (5-6 lbs), environmentally friendly 12V Lithium (LI) battery.
    Key Advantages: light-weight frame, adjustable handle, very compact when folded, Lithium-ion battery option.

  4. Bat Caddy X4R:
    This remote controlled caddy is new to the market, weighs only 24lbs, and features a few key advantages. It just two easy steps the Bat Caddy X4R can be removed from your trunk and set-up, so that you can immediately enjoy your round of golf. With two independently controlled 200W motors and a wide-range remote, this remote control golf caddy is sure to enhance and impress.
    Key Advantages: light-weight frame, adjustable handle, wide tires for better traction, Lithium-ion battery option.
  5. FTR Caddytrek CT2000R2:
    This 2014 model is an updated version of the original CaddyTrek CT2000BA.  Since hitting the market in 2014, this caddie with the proprietary follow and marching mode feature as well as the remote control mode has become one of the best selling caddies in the U.S.  This caddy features a sophisticated electronics package such as the Gyroscope Technology which keeps the caddie tracking straight when it's in the remote control mode. The remote transmitter has an operating range of 50 to 100 yards. The latest models also feature a waterproof electronics - for the days when a storm cloud threatens to break loose on the 18th hole.  With the belt clip (available accessory), you can seamlessly switch from the marching mode to the follow mode - see demonstration video by clicking here.
    Key Advantages:
    Proprietary Follow and Marching Mode which allows you to free up your hands, Straight Tracking Gyroscope Technology, long range remote control, Lithium Ion Battery good for 27 holes, one of the most innovative electric golf trolley on the market today

  6. Stewart X9 Follow:
    The X9 Follow is the latest generation of the multi-award winning X-Series from Stewart Golf. Originally launched in 2003 as the X1 Remote, the X-Series is recognized as one of the worlds finest remote controlled machines.  The X9 Follow is specifically designed as a Follow golf trolley, but as well as it's "Follow" mode, the X9 Follow also comes with full remote control functionality that existing customers will be familiar with.
    Key Advantages: Light-weight frame, Follow you option and remote control option, Lithium-ion battery, Dependable and stylish, Bluetooth technology

  7. Alphard eWheels Club Booster:
    If you already own a manual golf push cart and want to turn it into a remote control golf caddy, simply add the Alphard eWheels Club Booster to your push cart and you will never have to push your golf caddy again.  It comes with the bracket for your particular push cart to fit the eWheels Club Booster, remote control and charger.  Just make sure you add the Wheelie Bar so that the caddie won't tip over backwards when you go up a steep hill.

If you are ready to once more enjoy the game of golf without the burden of carrying a weighty bag of golf clubs, then it is high-time that you consider using a remote control electric golf caddie trolley. From reducing the strain placed on shoulder, back, and forearm muscles, to their affordable costs, a remote control golf caddy is an innovative asset to any golfer.