Stewart Umbrella Holder

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Stewart Umbrella Holder for X, Q and VERTX

Q Series & VERTX Remote Adjustable Umbrella Holder

Fits to the handle of the VERTX Remote, Q Series (not X Series or F Series). 

The Adjustable Umbrella Holder allows you to easily adjust the direction of your umbrella both for angle and 360 degree rotation. It also raises the umbrella approximately 80mm compared to the standard umbrella holder tube.

  • Adjustable for direction and rotation
  • 42mm inside diameter tube
  • 140mm inside depth
  • Bungee to hold the umbrella inside the tube
  • Fits to the VERTX Remote, Q Series 

Stewart X Series Umbrella Holder:

This umbrella holder is designed for use with both the X Series Electric Golf Cart (of any age) and the F Series cart.

When used with the F Series, the umbrella holder simply screws into the thread location already on the handle.

For use with the X1, X3, X5, X7, X9 or X10, fit the black ball into the centre ball holder location (this is secured in place by a backing plate and screw). This black ball can be left in place at all times as it only takes up the same amount of space as a golf ball. Once in place, the umbrella holder can be fitted in just a few seconds.

When the umbrella is in place, hook the elastic loop over the top of the handle.

The internal diameter of the umbrella holder is 40mm and the depth 130mm. Please check your umbrella will fit this prior to ordering.


This umbrella holder is not designed to hold an umbrella while the cart is in motion, indeed for many users it will be too low to achieve this. It is designed as a place to put an umbrella while you take a shot.

This is a safety precaution designed to remove the chance of the trolley becoming unstable when used in windy conditions, as a remote control or follow machine could be a distance away from the user when in motion.

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