Optishot Orbit Golf Simulator

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Optishot Orbit Golf Simulator - BUY FROM THE #1 TRUSTED Site for Remote/Non-Remote Control Electric Golf Caddies! (In Business since 2005). Call Us to Learn More about SPECIAL OFFERS! (702) 723-8348.

For a limited time, we are offering the Optishot Orbit Golf Simulator for $749.00, with FREE SHIPPINGto all U.S. customers (excluding AK and HI - we currently do not ship to AK and HI).

- Orbit Golf Simulator
- Indoor and Outdoor
- 20 Included Courses
- 2 Practice Ranges
- Ball Data
- Club Speed
- Wireless | Bluetooth Connection
- No Putting or Chipping
- No Shot Shape

    Orion Software:

    Right out of the box, get access to 20 real-world courses and multiple practice ranges with zero annual subscription fees.

    Enjoy a wide range of customizable settings, online play, realistic course simulations, and engaging gameplay options. Fine-tune your skills, track your progress, and compete with up to 9 friends in a virtual golfing world like no other.

    Data & Analytics:

    Orbit tracks key information on every shot such as club speed, ball speed, smash factor, launch direction, launch angle, backspin, carry distance, and total distance.

    For a more realistic experience that includes putting and shot shape view our Nova, BallFlight, or Galaxy simulator.


    For optimal performance and a seamless right/left-handed golf experience, Orbit needs to sit 5ft directly behind the golfer. In addition, there needs to be at least 10ft of depth between the ball and the screen/net.

    We have made installation a quick and easy process for the end user to set up. 

    Minimum System Requirements:

    Operating System: Windows® 10 64 bit Intel Core i5 Quad-Core S Mode disabled.

    Graphics Card: Dedicated GPU (Graphics Card): OpenGL 4.6 compatible card with 4GB GDDR5 RAM and latest Video Drivers (no more than 6 months old)

    Storage: 6GB Hard Disk Drive free storage space

    Connections: Native Bluetooth (No adapter)

    Internet: Native Bluetooth (No adapter). Persistent Internet connection of 5Mbps for software installation, updates, Premium course delivery, and online play


    Orbit: Allow 3-5 business days for delivery.

    For Golf In A Box Bundles: Allow up to 4 weeks for all items to be delivered. All items will be shipped separately and may arrive at different times. 

    Measured Club Speed

    The initial direction in which the ball launches from the clubface, providing valuable feedback on alignment and angle adjustments for desired shot shapes.

    Measured Ball Speed

    The velocity at which the clubhead is moving at the point of impact with the ball, providing insight into the power and momentum generated in the swing.

    Measured Smash Factor

    The angle at which the ball ascends into the air after impact, influencing trajectory, distance, and landing characteristics.

    Measured Launch Angle

    The rate at which the ball rotates around its axis after being struck, affecting its flight path, trajectory, and spin-induced performance.

    Measured Launch Direction

    The velocity of the ball as it leaves the clubface, determining the distance and trajectory of the shot.

    Measured Back Spin

    The rate of reverse rotation of the ball, in relation to the ball's trajectory. The more backspin, the higher the ball glides through the air.

    Calculated Apex (Max Height)

    The highest point of a golf ball's trajectory.

    Calculated Carry Distance

    The precise direction and angle of the clubhead's movement through impact, indicating whether the swing path is straight, inside-out, or outside-in

    Calculated Total Distance

    The estimated total distance the ball travels, incorporating carry distance and roll after landing, provides a comprehensive measure of shot distance.


    Wireless Simulator and Portable Launch Monitor

    Orbit uses radar technology that gives valuable insights into your performance with precise ball data measurements. Use this information to refine your technique, identify areas for improvement, and take your golf game to the next level.


    Improve Your Game Both Indoor and Outdoor

    Take Orbit outdoors to the range or the course as a standalone system, with up to 10 hours of battery life. Or bring the course home to play and practice your game on our new Orion software. Featuring 20 included real-world courses and 2 practice ranges (Driving and Dynamic range).


    Year Round Fun – No Subscription Fees

    Enjoy uninterrupted access to OptiShot Orion – our gaming platform and library of premium content with zero annual subscription fees.

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