Mountain Slayer Rear Anti-Tip Wheel

Sale price$80.95


Compatible with all remote controlled X3R, X4R and X8R models from 2009, as well as X4 Pro and X8 Pro models – Current (NOT compatible with single motor manually controlled/non remote controlled caddies).

This new aesthetically pleasing and sturdy anti-tip wheel design gives your caddy added stability and control going up and down these steep hills. The design features two wheels integrated with the anti-tip wheel assembly and sleeve and fully compatible with all holding bars from model years 2009 until current. It hovers just about an inch above ground preventing tip-overs on steeper hills while still enabling the operator to turn the caddy manually and navigate standard curbs. A great addition, if you play very hilly golf courses. Highly recommended for lithium battery caddies due to the light weight on the base. Can be ordered with X4 style front wheels (recommended for X3R and X4R/X4 Pro models) and X8 style wheels (for X8R and X8 Pro)

(CAUTION: Running wheel with full weight over curbs/bumps could result in breakage. Avoid curbs!)

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