Swivel Conversion Kit for Clicgear model 3.0/3.5+/4.0

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This retrofit kit turns your Clicgear 3.0/3.5+/4.0 into a 4 wheel swivel cart using the existing back wheels.  It makes your Clicgear a lot more maneuverable and more stability.  It is designed for Club Booster V2. 

Clicgear wheels are not included.


1. This conversion kit does not work with Clicgear model 8.0.

2. User may want to make sure front pivot can be removed before cutting the brake wire off.

3. Make sure you retain the front Wheel Pivot Plug when you are removing front wheel pivot, otherwise the bolt provide with Swivel Kit will not have the nut to hold on with.

Installation Video<

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