What Differentiates BATCADDY Carts from other Carts on the Market Today?

BATCADDY Cart Advantages

When customers are interested in BATCADDY carts, they often ask us “what are some of the advantages of ordering a BATCADDY cart?” Here’s what we tell them:

BATCADDY Has a Long History

The golf trolley industry is relatively new and has gained considerable traction in the last 6 to 7 years. In 2004, BATCADDY launched its first X2 model series in Long Island, New York. BATCADDY, like our company (Motogolf.com), is one of the first companies to enter this market and continues to thrive while others have failed or gone out of business. Since then, the company has launched several models including our top sellers the BATCADDY X4 Classic/Sport, X4R and most recently the X8R Lithium. BATCADDY has recognized tremendous growth over the years and now has service locations in the Northeast/Northern Midwest (Pennsylvania), Southeast/Southern US (Florida), Mountain States (Colorado) and West Coast (California) which appeals to many customers.

BATCADDY Carts are Reliable and Safe for the Environment

Many golf enthusiasts are used to golf riding carts which are powered via combustion engines which are not environmentally friendly. On the other hand, our golf trolleys are battery operated and much lighter in weight. Take the BATCADDY X4R, Remote Control Golf Trolley, as an example. The BATCADDY X4R model was introduced in 2009 (priced at $799, about $200 less than the comparable remote control electric caddy carts available on the market today) and comes with a long- lasting standard 36 Ah sealed lead acid battery that weighs 24 lbs. and last over 150 charges before it needs to be replaced. Each charge lasts at least 36 holes. The X4R model is propelled by two powerful independently controlled quiet 200W motors, a wide range FCC authorized remote control systemwhich gives you full control up to 90-120 yards. The X4R model also folds down to fit nicely in the trunk of a standard sized vehicle [folded dimensions: 33 inches (L) x 21 inches (W) x 10 inches (H)]. There is also an option to upgrade to the lithium-ion battery (only 6 lbs.) which lasts for over 500 rounds of golf! For more product information, please visit BATCADDY X4R.

New BATCADDY Cart for 2015

In 2015, BATCADDY introduced its latest and more upgraded model called the BATCADDY X8R. The X8R comes standard with the lithium-ion battery (priced at $1399) and is a bit lighter than the X4R at 22 lbs. The BATCADDY X8R also has similar control functions like the X4R model [Manual Seamless Rheostat, Remote Control (range up to 100 yards), Functions (Forward, Reverse, Left, Right, Stop), Timed advance function (10, 20, 30 m/y), Cruise Control, Battery Charge Indicator, USB Port, and Power On/Off]. The X8R also has a new adjustable handle design which offers a seamless adjustment from 33-45" in height for various body types and preferences (for more details, please visit Bat Caddy X8R).

Customer Satisfaction

Here are what some of our customers have to say about their BATCADDY purchases:

Such Good Value
Posted by Dirk V., Fairfield, CT on October 14th 2014

“I have been using the X4 R since June 2014 and have had no problems- has helped my golf game- no longer to I have to pause to catch my breath after going up a hill (had previously used a very good 3 wheel push cart)- the remote is great to have - works well over 100 yards away- This cart represents such good value I have purchased a second one to take to Norway.”

You guys are fabulous!

Posted by James G., San Francisco, CA on July 27th 2014

"This is my second testimonial about your excellently designed carts. I am a retired engineer and a year and half after purchasing my cart, I am still in awe at its sleek state-of-the-art design, light weight, compact size and cart performance (I especially like how it handles the steep hills of my golf course). In my opinion, the X4R is the Lexus of all electric golf carts with its simple and elegant design and you can’t beat the price. Your warranty coverage is excellent and BATCADDY’s tech support department is friendly and customer service oriented. I have seen many other carts on the golf course, but none compare with the BATCADDY cart I purchased. Great job!"