Motogolf First Look - New CaddyTrek R3X Smart A.I. Vision Follow/Remote Caddy

New in 2024 is the CaddyTrek R3X, a high-end robotic golf caddy that uses Smart A.I. Vision follow technology to follow you around the course without needing a remote control. It is the successor to the popular CaddyTrek R3 model and boasts several improvements.

Here's a quick rundown of the CaddyTrek R3X's features:

  • Smart A.I. Vision Follow: This is the R3X's most impressive feature. It uses a camera and AI to track the golfer and follow them around the course, eliminating the need for a remote control.
  • Hand Gesture Control: The R3X can also be controlled with hand gestures, allowing you to send it forward, back, or stop it.
  • Multiple Modes: The R3X offers follow, remote control, manual, and a new "Marching Mode" which is designed to move in front of the golfer at a constant distance.
  • Improved Hill Performance: The R3X is said to perform better on slopes and hills than the R3.

Motogolf had a chance to review the CaddyTrek R3X first hand and it is an impressive golf caddy! There are several improvements from the previous R3 model that you’ll find attractive. We loved the previous R3 model so were very excited to try out the improved R3X. If you owned the R3 previously, some of the features have changed so remember to read the manual completely before going out to the golf course.

As with any new caddy, there are some learning curve with this new model:

  1. You must give the hand gesture about 2 seconds before it activates – You’ll need to keep your hand steady around 5-8 inches from the camera for about 2 seconds before it activates, so if you’re impatient and keep moving your hand you might get frustrated. Once you learn that it takes about 2 seconds for the unit to activate, you’ll love this machine!
  2. New Marching mode must be used ONLY in wide open space – You’ll find that the marching mode will be difficult to use when walking down the cart path or narrow passages. For those areas, we recommend you use the follow mode since the cart follows exactly where you go and is easier to maneuver in tight areas of the golf course. But the marching mode works great in wide open fairways and you can keep an eye on your caddy since it’s in front of you!
  3. Remember Open Hand for Follow mode (green light shown on unit) / Closed Fist for Marching Mode (purple light shown on unit) / Standby Mode (yellow light shown on unit) / Single Beep for Activation and Double Beep for De-Activation - It is recommended to start from Standby Mode (yellow light) before Activating the Follow Mode (green light) / Marching Mode (purple light) / Manual Mode (blue light) - Once you memorize these hand gestures it’s like giving your troop a hand gesture and it does exactly what you ask it to do!
  4. Manual Mode is as Simple as Pushing the Handle Lifting the Front Wheels: All you have to do to put the R3X in manual mode is to push down on the handle and lift the front wheels.  Once you hear the beep, you can push/pull the R3X manually.  Very simple!!
  5. Familiarize yourself with the Handset Layout - Understanding how to quickly maneuver the unit is essential in avoiding an accident and getting maximum benefit out of the CaddyTrek R3X – We highly recommend keeping the handset in your pocket until you get used to the hand gestures. When in doubt, take out your remote and hit the stop button twice to get the R3X back in standby mode.

Potential drawbacks to consider:

  • Price: The R3X is a high-end product with a price tag of $2,195.00 (Discounted currently at $1,895). But compared to comparable brand/models, it's priced very competitively!
  • New Technology: Since the R3X is a new product, there are not many user reviews available yet. As with any new technology, there may be some bugs or unforeseen issues that emerge over time.  But since it's an improved version of the R3 model, the bugs should be minimal, if not any.

Overall, the CaddyTrek R3X appears to be a significant upgrade over the R3, with its improved AI following, gesture control, and multiple modes. It really made walking and playing golf very enjoyable. This is how the golf game was meant to be played!  However, the high price tag (although it is competitively priced compared to comparable follow models, but with the ability to use hand gestures) and lack of long-term user reviews (you can read the reviews of the previous R3 model since it's an improved version of the R3) are factors to consider before making a purchase. We highly recommend the R3X as we really enjoyed playing golf while not having to focus on the golf caddy. Once you get used to the R3X, you’ll feel like a tour pro with a caddy walking right behind you!

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