14V 20Ah Standard Lithium-Ion Battery & Charger Package

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The new Bat-Caddy 14V 20AH Lithium Battery & Charger Package brings the power and performance of lithium batteries to all Bat-Caddy manual and remote controlled golf caddies. This package includes the lithium battery, battery leads, a canvas carry bag and a charger. It is designed to be a direct fit for all Bat-Caddy models (X3, X4 & X8 Series). Simply replace your current lead acid battery and charger with the Lithium Battery & Charger Package components and experience all the advantages that a lithium battery has to offer. Our battery supplier is ISO 9001 certified and one of the leading lithium battery companies in the world. Quality and reliability is key with these batteries. Lithium Battery Features and Benefits: Longer battery life - 2X-4X service life compared to lead-acid batteries Built-in safety features including short circuit, overcharge and discharge protection No explosive gasses as found in lead acid batteries Weighs considerably less than traditional batteries Significantly smaller size Capable of higher operating temperatures Steady charging and discharging performance Low self discharge rate and no memory effect Environmentally friendly with no lead and no acid Charger Features and Benefits: Constant current and voltage charging ensures safety and a thorough charging cycle AC input voltage 100-240V, 50Hz/60Hz designed for use anywhere in the world IMPORTANT: The lithium battery and charger contained in this retrofit kit are designed to work together.

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